Experience Exchange

Workshop at XP2001, Sardinia, Italy

Results and Soundbites from the Workshop

On May 24, 2001, after the XP2001 conference, a group of 20 people participated in the Experience Exchange workshop. XP folks are used to a highly oral tradition with regards to their sharing knowledge. Here is what remains of our conversations...

Jürgen Ahting: How to build the confidence of clients and to make the customer succeed?

Holger Breitling, Martin Lippert: Advises, tricks and best practices

Graham Cunningham, Dierk König: A physical planning board

Willem van den Ende: The Usability Coach

Malte Finsterwalder: Problems with Customer Involvement

Tammo Freese: Do Not Use Ideal Time For Tracking

Sian Hope: Distance and eXtreme Programming

Kay Johansen: How do you hire the right XP Customer?

Werner Keske: From "Marketing Times" to XP

Tim Mackinnon: Innovation and Sustainability with Gold Cards

Rob Mee: XP at Evant

Rick Mugridge: A group of programmers are learning XP / Range of skills

Rachel Reinitz: Challenges of Implementing XP in a Large Company

Hans Wegener: Surviving in a Hostile Environment